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June 5, 2018

Meet Adan

A Poem written by Kiron Student "Adan"
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“O my God, did you see what is happening in Palestine or Syria”

People will ask.

“#Free Palestine and # help Syria “hashtags are trending in our social sites

Pictures of bloody scenes take over our sets

People get so emotional, searching for ways to make things settle

Brochures, charity boxes become common in our streets.

Days come and go

Gloomy and dark it turns for them and

We lie to our ourselves that “it was the best you could do, that

The power was too big for you to dismantle

But I ask you dear mankind …

Aren’t those powers not like the buses we ride on

Can we not parade ourselves on highways and wait as it charges on?

can we not change the wheels slowly, as it skids on the tarmac?

Don’t panic it may just brake on or run a few of us!

It won’t survive on the shock

And soon, will it not require a service on it?

Don’t we then have the right of ownership to park on?

Forget it and write it off?

And then don’t we have the means to bring another on?

To the roads and then change it if it doesn’t turn on

On and on can we not use the same strategy?

To never ever lack the means

To ask questions and to

Make our voices heard?

To be human is not just about two-legs

It means some conscience and to feel some pain

When your fellow man is writhing in pain

To give him a hand

Where are the hashtags today?


So how big are the powers, let’s park the buses for new ones



Written by Kiron Student Adan // #Education4Integration campaign, sponsored by H&M Foundation