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April 26, 2018

Kiron Annual Report 2017

Dear Partners, Friends, and Supporters,
Christoph Buerglen
Fundraising & Comms

Dear Partners, Friends, and Supporters,


It has been an extraordinary year for all of us at Kiron. There has been incredible growth and much success, along with our share of challenges, tough decisions and hard work. Together with our students and partners, we have risen to the challenge! This past year has seen Kiron grow from an innovative idea to a thriving global nonprofit with the potential to reach even more students worldwide. Above all, the past twelve months have seen our energies focused where they matter most: on our exceptional students. Our students’ success is the best reflection of our work, and in 2017 our students thrived and flourished, with higher course completion rates and the first Kiron students proudly attending university.

The past twelve months have brought many highlights: In 2017, over thirty Kiron students successfully transferred to partner universities, we were honored to receive a visit from German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and we welcomed a growing global network of students and supporters. By listening to our students’ needs, we fine-tuned and tailored our platform and services to give our students the very best learning experience possible. Together we have improved the Kiron Campus, created a dedicated team of experts focused on supporting our students as they apply to university, embarked on new and innovative research projects, hosted wonderful offline student weekends, launched a student magazine and so much more!

2017 has also marked an important transition period for Kiron as we move from being a startup to being an established model with a successful proof of concept. Kiron is now ready to scale up, reach more students and change more lives! This exciting phase of professionalization and growth requires new leadership skills, and we are happy to announce that Kiron has brought our new CEO, Tobias Ernst, in 2018. The expertise of our new CEO, together with the changes to the Management Board in 2017, will enable Kiron to be what our founders Markus and Vincent imagined just three years ago: an established and thriving international educational platform. As we grow as an organization, we will keep our innovative spirit. We will continue to be daring and dedicated to changing the world through the power of education!

The work we have accomplished in 2017 has left staff, partners, sponsors and our students enthusiastic for the road ahead. I would like to express our gratitude to our supporters – from government ministries and agencies, to foundations, to corporate partners, to individual donors – for making our work possible and helping Kiron provide access to higher education to refugees worldwide. Thanks to you, Kiron will continue to be a source of hope and a bridge to new opportunities for our students.

Scott Goldner

Chief Educational Program Officer