Upskilling for Women*

Prepare for a new role in Germany. Gain in-demand skills and receive support to stand out in the job market.
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Data Analysis Visualisation
Data Analyst
Get foundational entry-level skills, such as introduction to Data Science SQL & Databases Content and Python. Collect, organize, and analyze data using digital tools and programming languages.
Learn how to:
Work with spreadsheets (Excel/Google Sheets)
Use SQL in relational databases
Understand and communicate statistics and data findings
Work with popular data visualization tools
Code in Python for data analysis 
4 Months
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Cybersecurity visualisation
Introduction to Cybersecurity
This pathway offers foundational skills required in various IT and cybersecurity-related careers. Such as Theory and practice-based IT concepts and Organizational and citizen cyber safety.
You will: 
• Understand the diversity of labor market needs in DACH for cybersecurity-related roles
Gain Cisco micro-certifications in foundational skills required in various IT and cybersecurity-related careers
Develop a personalized further training plan.
Build a network with a range of industry experts
4 Months
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A visualisation of tech jobs
Get started in Tech
This pathway offers essential skills in user experience (UX), front-end development, and digital marketing for an early career in the tech industry. 
Learn how to:
Create a great user experience for mobile apps
Code for the web using HTML, CSS and JavaScript
Create fantastic online content that drives business goals
Create a social media marketing campaign
6 Months
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Hear from others

What students say about THRIVE

The one thing I know for sure is that if you have a goal, there's always a way. It doesn't matter if your plan changes, you always have to keep the end goal in mind. I have learned from Kiron to be brave enough and never give up. I am eager to see so many women start their journey with this program and succeed in their goals and careers.
Maram, THRIVE program

Thrive is great! I got the opportunity to get more into IT with current topics and tools. Moreover, it is excellent to share experiences with other women and professionals and to get information about the job market
Clelia, THRIVE participant

My desire to join Thrive stems from my desire to learn new skills that will support my career choice. Thanks to the thrive program I was able to increase my knowledge and obtain a deeper understanding of certain abilities in digital marketing and UX/UI design.
Faith, THRIVE participant

Who is eligible?

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Women* that have experienced forced displacement (refugees, asylum seekers, foreced migrats and more)
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Currently living in the DACH region
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Minimum B2 proficiency in German and English
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Motivation to commit to study for 5 hrs / week
By women*, this includes people that are not cis women.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Is THRIVE conducted in person?
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No, THRIVE is primarily an online program. The program comprises online courses, virtual live sessions and webinars. However, some elements such as optional meetups or job fairs, may occur in person.
Will I get a certificate on completion?
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How many hours per week do I need to commit to THRIVE?
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5 hours. THRIVE is designed to suit your schedule. The online courses can be completed in your own time, while the virtual live sessions and webinars have a fixed time.
Are there any hidden costs? Do I have to pay for the certificates?
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THRIVE is completely free. There are no hidden costs. Joining THRIVE and completing the courses enables you to get the certificates for free.
Do I have to be a registered refugee to participate?
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No, you don't need to have an EU refugee status to participate in this program.
Do I need to provide a certificate to prove my minimum B1 German and English proficiency?
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You can use these free resources to test your German and English language proficiency.
Which German language level will be taught during the program? I don’t speak German. Can I apply for Thrive?
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The language course will allow you to improve from B1 to C1 German language level. In order to apply for Thrive, you need to have at least B1 German language level.
Is there a job guarantee?
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While we do not offer a direct job guarantee for this program, we provide ample opportunities to enhance your employment prospects.Throughout the program, you’ll be able to engage with Industry Professionals through webinars and 1:1 sessions where you can ask questions and receive guidance on your skills training and job search. Additionally, there is an event at the end of the program where you can connect with employers.
I don’t have a laptop or tablet but meet all eligibility criteria. Can you support me with one if I get accepted?
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Yes. We can send you a device. Do note that it is very limited and only available on a first-come, first-serve basis.
Can I finish the program earlier if I have more time?
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You can complete the online courses earlier however, note that events and community networking dates are fixed.
What happens after I register?
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THRIVE is in cohorts. If selected, you will be notified via e-mail on next steps which includes joining an onboarding session and resuming the program with your cohort.
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THRIVE – Upskilling for Women*

Gain in-demand skills and receive support to stand out in the job market!
Chaghaf Kiron team
Chaghaf Howayek, PhD