Who we are

Kiron is an edtech non-profit dedicated to providing refugees and underserved communities free access to high-quality education, bridging skill gaps and promoting inclusion in the job market.
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Why we started

After forced migration, refugees usually encounter challenges continuing education. Discontinuing education can impact their ability to gain skills, get decent jobs and rebuild their lives leaving them vulnerable to poverty and dependence.

Kiron started in 2015 to ensure that forcibly displaced people can get free learning opportunities online. We have offices in Berlin and Amman, Jordan.

Inclusive education for all

We believe that everyone has an equal right to access quality education
Our Vision:
A world where everyone can fulfil their highest potential for a self-determined, dignified life, shaping a sustainable future together.
Our Mission:
To provide a virtual home for learning, personal growth and collective impact.

We are contributing to SDG 4, 5 & 8

We want to do our part to ensure quality education and decent work and economic growth for all
Individuals have accessed education through Kiron

I think that non-formal education plays an important role in order to be fit for the job market. These courses like Kiron offers are a really good opportunity, to keep up with the latest developments.
Sefa, Kiron student in Germany

Our shared values

These values guide us. They are our Kiron DNA.
Student Centeredness
We prioritise our students when making decisions and taking action.
As individuals and as a team, we come up with innovative and smart solutions to tackle complex challenges and promote positive change.
Social Responsibility
We make responsible decisions minding their impact on individuals and society.
We are mindful with each other, our students and our partners – mutual respect is the foundation of successful collaboration.
We are dedicated to our vision and mission, our students, partners, and co-workers to work together on collective impact.
Regular team meet-ups and events in our founding city Berlin allow us to stay connected and aligned with our team members spread all over the globe.

The Kiron team

Our work is possible because of The Kiron Team, our partners and donors.
Kiron Jordan
Reem Mansour
Jordan Team Lead
Product Development
Konstantin Selesnew
Scrum Master & Agile Coach
Learning & Program Design
Bethan Williams
Digital Education Specialist
Learning & Program Design
Dr. Karen Velázquez Powers
Digital Education Specialist
People & Culture
Katharina Bohnert
Senior P&C Manager
Wenke Christoph
Chief Executive Officer
Anne Parsons
Chief Partnerships Officer
Hannes Rudzik
Chief Program Officer
Education & Community
Elisa Pellegrino
Program Lead
Fundraising & Comms
Kathrin Dischereit
Fundraising & Comms Lead
Fundraising & Comms
Dr. Gunda Amat Amoros
Project Management & Fundraising
Fundraising & Comms
Ezinne Uzoije
Digital Marketing Manager
Project Management
Andreas Tometten
Project Operations Lead
Project Management
Chaghaf Howayek. PhD
Program Lead – THRIVE
Project Management
Sabrina Behrens
Katharina Urban
Head of Finance
Match Talent
Manuela Verduci
Chief Educational Officer Match Talent
Match Talent
Prajukti Sen
Fundraising & Comms

Innovate with Kiron

Join us to create sustainable solutions for education
Education Innovation at Kiron
Kiron extends its integration and education impact through consortiums and its social business, Kiron Digital Learning Solutions
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Kiron Digital Learning Solutions
Kiron Digital Learning Solutions (KDLS) is Kiron’s for-profit subsidiary company championing the digitalisation of education to everyone, regardless of age, income, or background.
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