Transparency information

Corporate information based on the Transparent Civil Society Initiative.

1. Name, registered office, address, and year of incorporation
Kiron Open Higher Education gGmbH
c/o Impact Hub Berlin 
Rollbergstr. 28A
12053 Berlin

Contact person: Wenke Christoph
Year of incorporation: 2015

For further details and contact here

2. Articles of Association, vision and mission

Kiron vision
A world where everyone can fulfil their highest potential for a self-determined, dignified life, shaping a sustainable future together.

Kiron mission
To provide a virtual home for learning, personal growth and collective impact.

Read our full statement here (in German).
Read our full Articles of Association here.

3. Information about tax-privileged non-profit status
In accordance with its articles of association, the company pursues non-profit purposes within the meaning of Sect. 52 para 2, subpara 1 no. 7 of the German Tax Code (Abgabeordnung). With a notice of January 25, 2022, on corporate income tax 2020, the Tax Office for Corporations I, Berlin, confirmed Kiron's non-profit status in pursuing the aforementioned tax-privileged charitable purposes. Kiron is accordingly entitled to issue related donation receipts.

Annex to the notice of the Tax Office for Corporations I, Berlin, for 2021 on corporate income tax (in German) of 13.12.2023

4. Name and function of key decision-makers


Wenke Christoph, Chief Executive Officer
Anne Parsons, Chief Partnership Officer
Hannes Rudzik, Chief Program Officer

Advisory board:

Ulrich Plett
Anna Häßlin
Nekesa Were
Peter van der Hijden
Simon Nelson
Sajitha Bashir
Jamie Alexandre


Vincent Zimmer
Markus Kreßler
Christoph Staudt
Hila Azadzoy
Tobias Ernst

5. Activity report
The Kiron Open Higher Education is a gGmbH, i.e. a non-profit limited liability company, with the purpose of promoting popular and vocational education and training (pursuant to Sect. 52, Para. 2, Subpara 1, No. 7 German Tax Code.

You can read more about our activities in our Annual Reports here

6. Personnel structure:
The company had an average of 50 part-time and full-time employees in 2022, 5 of which based in the Jordan branch. 

7. Source and application of funds:
Read about the source and the use of funds in our Annual Report (s. pp. 37 and 39) and in our Financial Statements per 31.12.2021 (s. p. 5 and p. 3 of the Activity Report enclosed to the Financial Statement)

You can find our Annual Reports here

8. Company law affiliation:
Kiron has a branch in Jordan.
Kiron has founded a subsidiary in 2020, Kiron Digital Learning Solutions GmbH (“KDLS”), of which it owns 100% of the shares.

9. Names of persons and entities whose annual payments account for more than ten percent of our total annual income

In the financial year 2021 , the following persons made payments  that accounted for more than ten percent of our total annual income each:

Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF): 366.000€ 
Porticus Foundation: 232.000€

Kiron Open Higher Education gGmbH is registered in the Register of Funding Recipients of the German Federal Central Tax Office: