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July 3, 2018

Our partner: Berlin Economy

The Berlin economy supports the academic education of 250 refugees
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In June 2016 the general assembly of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Berlin agreed to support the job market integration of young refugees through funding of Kiron. The project enables Kiron to give 250 refugees in Berlin access to their digital study program and to support their study success, as well as their societal and economic integration through professional mentoring and language courses.

The target of the project is better education and integration for refugees into the Berlin economy. Based on an even finance split of the project funds, combined with funds of participating Berlin companies the project enables Kiron to create 250 scholarships, 750 language courses, and 400 mentoring opportunities. Corporate Mentoring is a concept, in which not only the students benefit but also the employees have the chance to make new experiences and to get socially engaged. Companies, therefore, invest in the qualification of their employees as a mentor and give them the time for sessions with the Kiron student. This way companies get in direct contact with our students and they get to know the working environments in their new host society.

The mentoring is executed by our partners ROCK YOUR COMPANY! and Volunteer Vision. The project is set to run from October 1st, 2016 until September 30th, 2019.

The Kiron team is very happy about the financial support as well as the trust the Berlin economy is putting into the organization. The deep interlinking of international education and the local job market are an important part of Kiron’s concept for integration to ensure a successful transfer into the business world after finishing their studies, whilst making first experiences beforehand and to gather the right contacts early on. A big thank you to the Berlin economy.

You are a Berlin-based company and are interested in participating with having mentors for our students in your company? Then write us an email!

The Berlin economy is financing projects in vocational and academic education and knowledge transfer as well as the integration of refugees into the job and education market. Kiron Open Higher Education has been selected as one of the economy funded education projects in the second funding period through a variety of submitted project ideas.