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December 20, 2019

BLESS enters its third Year

Learnings and Achievements from the BLESS Project in 2019.
Fabienne Huber
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Learnings and Achievements from the BLESS Project in 2019

As BLESS (Building a Learning Environment for Study Success), the three-year-long cooperation between the H&M Foundation and Kiron, concludes its second year, we are looking back on many exciting initiatives designed to foster a productive and inclusive learning community.

This year BLESS kicked off its support for the Kiron Language School. The Language School is serving one of the most critical and challenging aspects of the educational process for Kiron students. Proficiency in German is not only necessary for students as they prepare to enroll at a university or other institutes of higher learning, but it is also essential to the lasting success of the student in his or her educational development and long-term career aspirations. Through BLESS, the H&M Foundation supports the Language School by covering the costs of preparation courses and selected language certificates – vital for students wishing to apply for university and many jobs. Designed to bridge the language gap for Kiron students, BLESS also supported the production of a language learning MOOC (Massive Open Online Course).

Apart from its new language learning initiative, many aspects of BLESS that supported our students in 2018 continued in the project’s second year. Six direct academic classes brought offline learning opportunities to Kiron students. Surveys further informed us about our students so we could adapt our offer accordingly. We continued to foster an online community where learners exchange ideas freely and study together. Videos and social media campaigns put our students, their stories and journeys, front and center.