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October 26, 2018

Foundation of German Business supports Kiron students

All SDW activities aim at providing young people with the best possible conditions for a successful start in fulfilling professional careers. Hence, we support the participants of our programs in reaching their full potential.
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  1. What motivates SDW to support refugees on their path to higher education?

All SDW activities aim at providing young people with the best possible conditions for a successful start in fulfilling professional careers. Hence, we support the participants of our programs in reaching their full potential.

It is particularly important for us to advance entrepreneurial thinking and socially responsible action. We also encourage our participants to reflect on their personal development.

In all these endeavors, we strive to reflect the diversity of our society and thereby increase open access to education in Germany. It is therefore essential for us that refugees can participate in our programs.

  1. How does SDW support Kiron students?

SDW’s core focus is our Klaus Murmann scholarship program. It is the fifth-largest of thirteen Support Foundations for talented individuals (Begabtenförderungswerke) in Germany with roughly 1,900 active scholarship recipients and 4,000 alumni today.

The Klaus Murmann Scholarship is awarded to academically gifted university students and doctoral candidates from all fields of study. Kiron students who successfully complete our selection process are awarded this scholarship.

They receive both financial support and access to our comprehensive, supplemental educational curriculum until their graduation with a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree. In addition, they are active members of their local, self-organized foundation chapters.

  1. When did the cooperation start? What common goals do SDW and Kiron share?

The cooperation between Kiron and SDW started in 2016 when the initial Kiron founders’ team participated in our project “Herausforderung Unternehmertum”, or “Challenge Entrepreneurship”.

This project awards financial support to teams that are in the planning phase of their venture. Furthermore, it offers young founders the qualifications that they need to finalize the concept of their venture for initial implementation. Kiron and SDW share a commitment to entrepreneurial thinking as well as socially responsible action with a particular focus on leadership, team spirit and networking.

  1. What role does education play in the process of integration?

Access to education, as well as educational measures that take into account individual situations and developments are crucial to the process of integration.

  1. What do Kiron students think about SDW support & Kiron?

Seven Kiron students who were successfully accepted by SDW for a scholarship in 2017 shared their experiences with the program:

Moataz from Syria studies International Marketing Management at the Berlin School of Economics and Law.
I studied business administration for three semesters in Syria and one semester at Kiron. Since October 2017, I have been studying at BAU University in Berlin and obtained my bachelor degree this year. I’m now doing my masters in International Marketing Management at HWR Berlin.

Kiron has shaped my future and helped me to continue my studies again. In addition, SDW offered me networks, events to go to, and professional advice. Kiron helped me and SDW continues to support me in achieving my academic goals.

Dania from Damascus studies Computer Science at the University of Kaiserslautern.
When I came to Germany, I had to wait a long time until I could find a place in a German course. I studied Computer Science in Syria for 3 years and at Kiron I learned a new course. I had access to many websites that have resources for learning German, so I was able to improve my German faster.

In April 2017, I was able to get a place in a DSH course at the University of Kaiserslautern and because I had studied in my country for more than 3 semesters, I could not get a student grant. SDW invited me to events in various fields, in which I got to know many people and was able to seek professional advice. I was lucky because Kiron and SDW gave me the opportunity to reach my goal to continue my studies in Germany.

Aghyad from Syria studies Computer Science at the Lübeck University of Applied Sciences.
I am Aghyad, and I come from Syria. I started my study preparation with Kiron in 2016 and began my studies in September last year. Kiron helped me understand what the European learning system is like and how to start.

For any normal student, knowledge is not enough to plan the next step and be ready for real life challenges. One needs more specific contacts to improve one’s skills and career, more awareness of the job market after graduation, and, of course, integrated support. I got all of these benefits through my scholarship from the SDW.

Many thanks to Kiron and for SDW, they refreshed my hopes and dreams again.

Ahmad from Aleppo studies Business Informatics at the University of Rostock.
I am Ahmad, and I come from Syria. In Syria, I studied Computer Science for only one semester because the war in Syria prevented me from completing my studies. That’s why I thought about coming to Germany to build my future. But there were some big challenges: learning the German language, registering at a German university, getting an overview of the German university learning system and financing myself along with countless other questions. Then, I registered with Kiron which helped me to answer my questions and paved the way for my studies.

SDW scholarships have helped me integrate into Germany, make new contacts, and gain new experience through the seminars they offer. In addition, SDW has helped me better understand the German job market. In the end I would like to thank Kiron and SDW for helping me to realize my goals and dreams.

Wafaa from Damascus studies Business Administration at the University of Duisburg-Essen.
My dream is to found a film production company and school. I am in my second semester of Business Administration studies at the University of Duisburg-Essen after previously studying with Kiron for about 2 years. I travel, dance, learn piano, read books, discuss a lot and I am always ready to participate.

I participate in the intercultural projects of Silent University as well as various theaters and youth centers in the Ruhr area. My mottos are, “I am not for one population or nationality, but I am international, multicultural for all people” and “love is the most important thing in life”.

Nadeem from Aleppo studies Business Informatics at the University of Rostock.
I came to Germany to continue my studies. That’s why I first decided to contact Kiron, which worked out very well. I did a few modules at Kiron to start my master’s at the University of Rostock. After that, I got the scholarship from SDW, which has totally supported me. I hope I can continue my studies successfully and find the right job afterwards. In the future I am also thinking of starting my own company with some friends.

Loai from Damascus studies Business Administration at the Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg.
For many, integration is a term that means mastering the language, working/studying and having a few friends. But for me, it means being able to use all my skills and strengths so that I am active and reliable in the society I live in.

Through small experiences, such as always turning to a Kironista with questions and planning seminars with my SDW Regional Group, my abilities have grown exponentially. I have no doubt that something big will come out of this.

Thanks to SDW (Foundation of German Business) for supporting our talented students!