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May 9, 2023

Free THRIVE Program Equips Refugee Women for Job Market Success

Over 50 million women and girls are forcibly displaced currently. They often face significant challenges compared to men, including gender-based violence, discrimination, and limited access to education and employment opportunities.
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This lack of access to education and training can limit their ability to rebuild their lives after being forcibly displaced from their homes, leaving them vulnerable to poverty and dependence. To address this problem, Kiron, an edtech non-profit organization focused on providing learning opportunities for refugees and underserved communities, has launched a new program called THRIVE.

THRIVE is a free program with its pilot open to refugee women currently living in German-speaking European countries, such as Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. It provides a comprehensive learning experience, covering topics such as digital and technological competence, language learning, professional soft skills, job market insights and more to enable participants to gain new skills, earn certificates and start a new profession.

THRIVE offers two pathways for participants to choose from, designed to accommodate beginner learners who want to build their digital skills competence and advanced learners who want to start a career in Data Analysis. The program is complemented by language learning and inclusion courses, live group sessions and one-to-one coaching on language practice, professional soft skills and job market insights to get the participants ready for the modern workplace and take control of their futures.

THRIVE also includes additional support services on career guidance and job application via group webinars and one-to-one coaching, which prepare participants for success in the modern labor market. The one-to-one coaching and community aspect of THRIVE can provide the support and guidance that refugee women often lack, helping them to build confidence and develop a sense of belonging in their new communities. A virtual career fair at the end of the program also serves as an excellent opportunity for participants to connect with potential employers and explore new career pathways, which can lead to better economic prospects and a more stable future.

The pilot for THRIVE features two pathways: Data Analyst pathway and the Get started in Tech pathway. The Data Analyst pathway runs for 9 months and offers participants foundational and intermediate skills in Data Analysis. The Get started in Tech pathway has a 6 months duration where participants will learn foundational skills in the fields of Digital Marketing, Front End Development and User Experience Design. Kiron has set a target of upskilling 450 refugee women in this pilot phase.

To ensure the success of THRIVE, Kiron has partnered with several organizations to enable the pilot, including JP Morgan , Postcode Lottery and King Baudouin Foundation who have generously donated to support the program.

Kiron's THRIVE program represents a much-needed initiative to provide refugee women with access to education and training, which can significantly improve their prospects for employment and self-sufficiency. By supporting this program, individuals and organizations can make a real difference in the lives of refugee women and help build a brighter future for them.