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September 21, 2021

Kiron x Deutsche Börse Group x Virtual Internships Mentoring Program

Together with Deutsche Börse Group and Virtual Internships, we are excited to announce a new opportunity for students to gain experience and knowledge in a variety of job sectors.
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We are launching a hybrid mentoring and virtual internship program, which will give Kiron students the chance to improve their job readiness and receive career guidance from experts.

Students who join the program will be mentored by Deutsche Börse Group employees in a wide range of professional fields. They will be introduced to the different areas of the Deutsche Börse Group business and participate in one on one mentoring with a professional in their chosen field of interest over a period of six weeks. This is a valuable opportunity for both mentors and mentees to learn from each other’s experiences and grow their network. These exchanges are essential to the continued professional and personal growth of our students.

Working with Virtual Internships, Kiron also offers students the opportunity to take part in a fully online internship starting in 2021 and going into 2022. The internship is paired with an employability curriculum, to enhance skills and improve the articulation of those skills.  Not only does gaining work experience remotely provide a valuable addition to their CV, but these internships result in real job opportunities and a chance to build a network in their desired industry.

As an international exchange organization and innovative market infrastructure provider, Deutsche Börse Group organizes safe and efficient markets for sustainable economies. Its business areas extend along the entire value chain in exchange trading, including the admission, trading and clearing, and custody of securities and other financial instruments, the dissemination of market data, as well as the management of collateral and liquidity. As a technology company, the Group develops state-of-the-art IT solutions and offers IT systems all over the world. Their 9,000 employees work across 60 locations worldwide.