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April 2, 2020

Kiron talks...

Our new format for a conversation on wide-open learning
Dr. Dominic Orr, Research Lead
Fundraising & Comms

Our new format for a conversation on wide-open learning


“Kiron talks …” is a new conversation format focusing on digital education and hacks on how to support wide-open learning, i.e. learn for all, everywhere.

At Kiron we want to support the attainment of the sustainable development goal 4 – Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all – and in this format, we want to talk about how to do it. For each episode, we will invite changemakers, innovators and generally interesting people to present their stories and initiatives on how we can do this. It is particularly important to have these discussions at this point in time.

Everyone in education is currently transitioning to online because of Covid-19. They have entered the space, have managed first quick-and-dirty implementations, but they are looking for what this might all bring in the future. We hope that our conversations will also help our listeners answer the question: Why should I make all this effort with digital tools, if it is only temporary? We don’t believe it is temporary and we think that this development could really move learning forward.


Session 1 – 3.4.2020 21.00 CET as part of Open Badge Night – non-formal education


The first “Kiron talks… focussed on the topics of open badges and open recognition, as it was held as part of the Open Badge Night event. We talked about the challenges for learners who are in non-traditional settings with Ehab Badwi from the Syrian Youth Assembly. He is also a member of the World Scout Movement and discussed the way competencies and experiences are recognized there.

With: Ehab Badwi Sabrina Konzok, Dominic Orr andTino Brömme.


Session 2 – 9.4.2020 20.00 CET – being an international student


During the 2nd edition of “Kiron talks…being an international student” on April 9 at 9 pm we talked with Khalid O. Hassan about his experience of being an international student & the importance of technology to prevent educational disruption in times of COVID-19. You can listen to their discussion here

With: Khalid O. Hassan, Sabrina Konzok, Dominic Orr and Tino Brömme.


Session 3 – 15.4.2020 18.00 CET – Digital Skills in Asia


In this “Kiron talks…” we talked about digital skills in Asia with Jonghwi Park, a Program Specialist at the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning. We will discuss the digital divide among children & vulnerable communities and how we can develop equitable and inclusive learning technologies, as well as the differences in the way technology is viewed in Asia as compared to Europe. You can listen to their discussion here

With: Jonghwi Park, Sabrina Konzok, Tino Brömme and Dominic Orr.


Session 4 – 23.4.2020 18.00 CET – Being an Open Education Advocate



Gino Fransman, Academic Development Professional, Nelson Mandela University, will talk with us about the challenges of higher education in South Africa during the COVID-19 crisis, but also about his role as an open education advocate. One of our questions will be: can open education play a role in helping higher education overcome the challenges related to COVID-19 and the quick switch from in-class to online education?

With: Gino Fransman, Sabrina Konzok, Dominic Orr and Tino Brömme.