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October 19, 2021

Meet Anoud: Reaching new heights through online learning

Anoud, a 19 year old from Syria, just recently packed up her belongings and moved to Montreal, Canada to start a new chapter at McGill University.
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Early Ambitions and Challenges
Before moving to Montreal, Anoud lived with her family in Jordan, uncertain about the decisions that would shape her future path. She is incredibly passionate about helping other people and aspires to become a neuroscientist. In the past, she volunteered with UNICEF and their participatory analysis research. She was always a great student and did very well in all her classes. Her family was immensely proud of her, yet at the same time, they were worried, unsure of what could be next for her, especially with the high cost of university tuition fees in Jordan, which they were not sure they could afford.

When Anoud received her first scholarship, it was not in the major she was passionate about. Rather than accepting the scholarship and studying something she wasn’t enthusiastic about, she decided to continue her studies online in order to reach her true dreams.

Discovering Kiron: A Gateway to Learning and New Connections
Anoud first learned about Kiron through her friends and on social media. She started out by taking an English course and some courses on entrepreneurship and technology. While at first she wasn’t a fan of online learning, she began to see the benefit in meeting new people, even though they were online and far away. She could still form bonds and converse with people from all over the world. Getting the chance to meet other learners from different countries and cultures was new and interesting as they were able to exchange ideas together, talk about the future, and share tips about job searches and scholarship opportunities. She realized that there were many people out there like her. They were also waiting for an opportunity. Though there were many people who were very smart and capable, many of them also couldn’t find new pathways forward. The more they talked, the more confidence Anoud gained in her English-speaking skills.

The Road to the McGill University scholarship
She said that this confidence really helped her prepare for an important interview — an interview to get a life changing scholarship. Since her family didn’t speak any English, Anoud knew she had to find a different way to learn a new language. Accessing resources to learn English and also to find language partners with whom she could practice speaking with was her next step. Although it was challenging, she managed to write an essay for the scholarship application. She wrote about her dreams and her qualifications, explaining why she was the right person to receive the scholarship. Finally, she was accepted and received the 100 Syrian women 10,000 lives scholarship from Jusoor! Now, she is starting her education journey at McGill University in Montreal and on her way to working in medicine.

Education: A Pillar for Peace and Empowerment
Anoud believes that education is important because it makes our world safer and more peaceful. She hopes that “with education, we can rebuild the countries one day [that suffered] from the war”. She also states, “I’m also like one hundred percent sure that with education, you feel more confident, you can achieve your dreams… you can really help like thousands of people, you can help your family and the feeble”.

A Beacon of Hope for Refugees
Currently, less than 5% of refugees have the opportunity to pursue higher education. Anoud's journey from a young girl in Jordan to a medical student in Canada embodies the aspirations of countless refugees around the world. Through her story, Anoud wants her story to inspire girls all over the world who are looking to go to university or access higher education, emphasizing the profound impact education can have on one's confidence and ability to change lives.

“My dream is to complete my studies and become a doctor to be able to help the people who are struggling from different kinds of diseases. In addition to making my own project to help as many refugee students as I can …access higher education.” - Anoud, Kiron Student

I’m one hundred percent sure that with education, you feel more confident, you can achieve your dreams

Kiron Student