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October 11, 2023

Meet Enis: From Coachee to Coach

When a coachee transitions into the role of a coach, it unveils a remarkable story rooted in resilience and the potential that arises from embracing opportunities. In this interview, we reconnect with Enis, who was once a coachee in Kiron's Wir Für Chancen (translated as “Together for Opportunities”) program and has since volunteered to coach for future coaching programs, giving back to the Kiron community.
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The Start of a New Dream

Enis was born in Istanbul, Turkey where he lived till he completed his high school education. However, faced with challenging living conditions, he was compelled to take a bold step by leaving his home country behind. Armed with limited resources and a passionate drive for a better life, he meticulously planned his journey. His destination? Thailand. This decision was audacious, but it turned out to be the best decision Enis could have made.

A Leap into the Unknown

Upon arriving in Thailand, Enis had little knowledge of the country and no personal connections. He faced numerous challenges, including language-related ones, as he only had Turkish language skills. Enis embarked on the arduous journey of learning English, a crucial step in his quest to study at a university in Thailand. It took him about ten months of dedication, including passing the TOEFL exam, to conquer this hurdle.With English proficiency achieved, Enis enrolled in a bachelor's program in Communication in Thailand. Due to his determination, he graduated in record time and also went on to earn a master’s degree in International Relations, broadening his academic horizons.

Discovering Kiron: A Lifeline for Aspiring Minds

In 2019, Enis stumbled upon Kiron. He had moved to Germany and started learning his fourth language - German. His career journey had just begun in marketing and he participated actively on the Kiron campus to improve his German language and marketing & cybersecurity skills. In time, he started gaining more interest in cybersecurity. He personally embarked on a two-year upskilling journey. Throughout his journey, he continued learning via the Kiron campus while taking on stretch tasks in cybersecurity at his job to practice his new skills.

The Wir Für Chancen coaching sessions offered by Kiron played a pivotal role in pushing him to apply for positions he initially believed were beyond his qualifications and German-speaking skills. Wir Für Chancen is a joint initiative by Kiron and LinkedIn created to support people with a displacement background in the DACH region to create their own networks and receive valuable tips for navigating the German job market through 1:1 coaching provided by professionals from the initiative’s partner companies (LinkedIn, Bearing Point, Page Group, Microsoft, Deutsche Bank, Codecentric, Barclays). Enis was matched with a coach from Bearing Point. He leveraged coaching to fine-tune his resume and build confidence in applying for new roles. These coaching sessions proved to be a transformative experience, boosting Enis's self-assurance and ultimately leading to job offers from prestigious German companies, one of which he accepted and not just as an entry-level hire. He acknowledged that Kiron played a crucial role in opening doors to these new opportunities.

“My Wir Für Chancen coach gave me the push to apply for jobs I didn’t think I was qualified for. Instead of waiting to get one more certification or take one more course; working with a Coach helped me to realise my strengths and finetune my resume. I got four job offers within six weeks of applying.” - Enis

A Career Forged through Learning and Giving Back

Beyond education and employment, Kiron's influence on Enis extends into his personal and professional life. He committed to giving back, not just taking, by sharing his Kiron experience online, including creating a video guide explaining the immense benefits of the Kiron campus for anyone from an underserved community or displacement background. This attracted more people to join the Kiron campus.

Today, Enis gives back to Kiron as a volunteer coach specializing in the cybersecurity domain. He dedicates two hours per month to coaching others, helping them navigate their own career paths.

“Being in the Kiron Campus and having a Wir Für Chancen coach really helped to shape my life today. Kiron opened doors for me to accelerate in my career. Without Kiron, I would not have gotten to this point. This also fueled my decision to pay it forward by becoming a coach in the community” - Enis

From Coachee to Coach: A Journey Complete

Enis' journey, from coachee to coach, epitomizes the transformative power of coaching, education, and the willingness to give back. His story serves as a reminder that every challenge is an opportunity, and every journey, no matter how uncertain it may seem, can lead to remarkable destinations. In closing, here are great words from him for anyone still trying to figure out the benefits of coaching.

If you come across a coaching opportunity with Kiron, don't overthink it. Just apply. It can be incredibly beneficial. Even if you have no specific goals, coaching can still guide you in setting and achieving them. A coaching session can prevent you from making mistakes and help you discover your strengths. Whether your aim is to secure a good job or change career paths, give yourself a chance and participate in a coaching session.

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