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December 4, 2023

Meet Halyna: Becoming a Data Professional

With a background as a business analyst in the automotive industry and three years of experience as a team lead in a customer support team, Halyna Klimova decided to take on a new challenge: transitioning into the world of data analysis. Read about the inspiring journey of Halyna, who embarked on a path of personal and professional growth, all while navigating a new life in Germany.
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A Journey to Germany and a Career Pivot

In March 2022, Halyna had to leave Ukraine for Germany because of the war. Halyna had already demonstrated her leadership and analytical skills with a professional background in business analysis and leading a customer support team. Envisioning a future as a data professional, she decided to begin her journey by learning data analysis.

“I was looking for an opportunity to learn data analysis for a while and I was happy to learn about the THRIVE program. The program's content was so interesting that there was no doubt that I would join the program. I am so grateful for this opportunity to learn.” - Halyna

THRIVE-ving in Professional Growth

Halyna found her answer in the THRIVE Program, a free upskilling program for women. According to Halyna, with THRIVE, she benefited from a structured curriculum that refreshed her knowledge of SQL while delving deeper into the world of Power BI and Python, gaining insights and practical knowledge in these essential tools for data analysis. She acknowledged that the road to becoming a data analyst can be challenging for those who lack previous experience. Still, THRIVE's well-structured content and ongoing support were valuable assets in her pursuit.

“I think THRIVE is well structured. I like the content. Throughout the program, we learn many different topics, so it can be intensive. The THRIVE Team is doing a great job in providing us with regular instructions. They were always supporting me with weekly communication and support. I did not feel isolated.” - Halyna

Exploring Beyond Data Analysis

THRIVE is designed to upskill participants in different aspects of professional development for greater success in the job market. Apart from core hard skills learned, other aspects include German language improvement through self-paced language courses and weekly live practice sessions (Sprachcafe), as well as live webinars on varied topics relevant to today’s workplace with professionals. Therefore, in addition to learning Data Analysis, Halyna also participated in the weekly language cafes to improve her German language skills.

“I enjoyed the Sprachcafe sessions, as I think it presents a nice opportunity to connect and improve the language. One of the things I miss a lot in Germany is communication and connecting with others.” - Halyna

One of the standout experiences for Halyna was her participation in webinars related to job search and LinkedIn for professional networking. She found them to be invaluable opportunities, allowing her to identify and learn from past mistakes in her job search and professional network-building experience.

“I found especially the webinars on job search in Germany useful. I was applying to several jobs in Germany before without any response. Now I know what mistakes I have made. I will improve them in the future.” - Halyna

She has also benefitted from relating closely and exchanging knowledge with other THRIVE participants with shared goals.

“I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of this program. The THRIVE Team has helped us to grow professionally with close communication. I was not at my desk alone. I know there are other people who care. I also would like to give back to the THRIVE community and support as much as I can.” - Halyna

Challenges and Triumphs

“In the first few months, the leaderboard from DataCamp helped me not to lose track. In general, I like the friendly atmosphere that THRIVE offers and it empowers me to learn.” - Halyna

Halyna is working towards becoming a DataCamp certified Associate Data Analyst through the THRIVE program. Halyna set a clear goal to complete the program and earn her certification. Despite the distractions that came with summer vacations and other commitments, her determination remained unwavering. She shared that having a clear goal has been crucial for her and recommended this to other THRIVE participants.

“Set your final goal. Ask yourself what you would like to achieve. Then break down the actions to take into small steps and check it week by week.” - Halyna

Looking ahead

Halyna's experience in the THRIVE program is not only building her professional skills but also connecting her with a supportive community. As she continues her journey towards becoming a data scientist, Halyna's story is a testament to the resilience and adaptability of individuals pursuing their dreams, even in a new and foreign environment.