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April 12, 2023

Meet Khalil: Continuing education against all odds

Khalil Al Doughaiman is from Homs, Syria but was forced to move to Lebanon in 2013.
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Khalil Al Doughaiman is from Homs, Syria but was forced to move to Lebanon in 2013 due to the terrible living conditions caused by the war in Syria. He was on the verge of completing Secondary School education when he moved with his family however, he could not continue with traditional schooling for varied reasons. Kiron opened the doors for him to continue his education from his new home regardless of immigration status.



Can you share about your early experiences with Kiron?

I joined Kiron in 2017. I took Social Work, Cognitive Behavior and Therapy, and Business Administration courses.  My major was in Social Work, a huge interest of mine and a rare opportunity since no University in Lebanon offered this.  I learned about startups and how to build a business with Business Administration.


What was it like undertaking self-paced learning online?

The Internet speed in my location could have been better, and so I faced technical difficulties accessing the courses. At first, I reached out to the providers to see if something else could be done, but it remained poor for a while. In the end, I managed this challenge by studying at night when the speed was usually higher. The Kiron student community also proved helpful in staying motivated and connected.


What has it been like since you concluded your courses at Kiron?

On completing the courses, I was unable to get a job as a Social work professional. The Business Administration courses I took gave me an opportunity to seek a new direction. And this year, I have begun an online master's in Digital Marketing at Yesbud University.


Good to hear of your progress. What’s ahead for you?

Getting a Ph.D. is one of my lifelong dreams, and I will continue working on this.


Rooting for your dream! What would you say to other students that just joined Kiron?

Motivate yourself. Deepen your passion. Focus and let your mind flow with getting this education that Kiron offers.


Is there anything else you would like to add?

Kiron's certifications and mentoring programs were helpful for me to get the needed knowledge and advance to a master’s degree. Kiron is a new hope for a brighter future where everyone has an equal opportunity to get an education anywhere.