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August 16, 2022

Zaher’s Story: Becoming a technical writer [Update]

Kiron provides a free education option after public high school. But there is still the eternal question...
Zaher Talab
Kiron Student
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Kiron provides a free education option after public high school. But there is still the eternal question; how can I get a degree when Kiron can’t transfer me to a university in Jordan and Lebanon? OK, that is true, but what if you can get a full-time job with a great monthly salary based on Kiron studying even without a formal university degree? Isn’t that exciting? Let’s see how that is.



Previously, I have written my story about how in 2021 I got freelance work projects based on Kiron studying. My name is Zaher Talab and I have been in Jordan for a long time, but I’m originally from Syria. And today the hot news is that after studying more Kiron courses, I got a full-time job in a well-reputed technology company. And guess what also? It’s a fully remote job that enables me to work from home exactly like Kiron is fully remote studying from home!



In 2019, Kiron began to introduce short career path courses. I was involved in the Kiron community discussions and got into many debates with classmates about the benefits of Kiron studying without a degree and how to get a real career from just some Coursera courses certificates. At that time, things really were vague. For me, I had no other choice, but with my passion for studying, I kept going. Most of my friends were skeptical about that. I argued that we have entered a new era where the importance of skills is higher than traditional university degrees. Unfortunately, most of them didn’t believe me, so I was forced to continue my way alone, except for Kiron’s lovely staff support.



After a period of working as a freelance technology writer based on my Kiron studies and others, I decided to enter the new technologies field to become a technical writer. It is a better career and has more full-time job opportunities. Since Jan 2021, I have studied more than 20 tech courses. In addition to using the LinkedIn platform for building relationships with company managers and HR leaders. Finally, I have gotten a real full-time job as a technical writer exactly like a real university graduate.



Mostly this will work well with technology career paths. You can master your field by studying many courses. I suggest Artificial intelligence, Programming, Cybersecurity, and more.



Whatever your situation is: a public high school graduate, a dropout of college because of the Syrian war, a graduate in a stagnant specialization with no job opportunities, or simply you want to make a career shift in mid-age like me, you can count on Kiron’s study. Just trust me!



We all know that career life, in general, doesn’t stop at a university degree. But modern technology career paths don’t stop at a university degree and studying at Kiron proved its benefits in this.



Full of hope, passion, and optimism, I like to tell you how to succeed in real and practical life stories. With love for all my classmates, I also wish you to tell us about your career success story. Please give it a try, you can do it.



You can see and congratulate Zaher’s new technical writing job here, and read more about his studying and career in his LinkedIn profile.